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Reddin Global Inc. is a Canadian technology startup based in Oakville, Ontario. We took our 40+ years of management consulting experience to develop a mobile management system, The Emerson Suite, for today’s busy Leader-Manager.


Our mission is to make every Leader-Manager excel by providing them with the tools they need to manage team performance to drive results faster.


It all started in 1974 when Doug Emerson founded Managerial Design, a management process consulting firm in Oakville, ON. Doug, along with partner, Allison Christilaw, grew the firm to over 200 clients, from Fortune 500 privately owned, to virtually every industry, across five continents. The company was sold to Deloitte in 2011.

25 countries across 5 continents
200 companies 11 industries

After a stint at Deloitte, the founders set their sights on building a technology company to provide what most Leader-Managers lacked. The vision was to develop mobile management tools and a metholody to make it easy for them to lead teams more effectively.


Doug Emerson founded Managerial Design


acquired Managerial Design


Intellectual property of Dr. Bill Reddin acquired


Emerson/Reddin Methodology productized


Market launch
The Emerson Suite

Achieve More.
Improve Results.

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Brian McCarthy, EVP Sales
+1 905 691 9370.

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Doug Emerson:
Founder, Visionary.

Doug Emerson is a visionary in the world of business leadership. As a world-renowned consultant, Doug has helped leader-managers on five continents, across virtually every industry. With over 40 years’ experience in making his clients more effective, Doug has gained an in-depth understanding of the complex issues facing business today.

Doug co-created The Emerson Suite, to bring a proven methodology into the 21st century by making it mobile, enabling Leader-Managers to align and track their teams, to deliver superior results.

A World of Experience
to Support Your Business.

The team at The Emerson Suite is as diverse as our users. Having a broad range of business backgrounds and knowledge, we also hail from all over the globe – from Canada, the US, Argentina, Trinidad and Tobago, Serbia, Poland, Morocco and Pakistan, and speak 11 different languages, including English, French, Spanish, Russian, Hindi, Polish, Urdu, Czech, Punjabi, Serbo-Croatian, Greek and Trinidadian Creole.

Allison Christilaw, HBA, MBA

CEO, Catalyst, Leader

Allison Christilaw exemplifies leadership in the truest sense of the word: getting the right things done. And she does so with passion, commitment and transparency. From building a consulting firm, to consulting to private businesses and public corporations around the world, Allison brings over 25 years of industry experience to the table. As CEO, Allison uses her honed skills to lead a company that is driven, innovative and customer-focused.

Radek Zajkowski

Chief Technology Officer

Radek is a technology and mobile development star with experience that spans across applications and industries. He has worked with a wide range of organizations from start-ups to global enterprises. He leads a highly skilled team of developers committed to product excellence.

Sandy Lee, CHRL, ACC

VP, Customer Success

Sandy has provided strategic support for the Toronto International Film Festival, HR Council and WorkInCulture, as well as numerous not-for-profit organizations. She has also been a successful talent development coach, engaging with high-potential leaders. Sandy now uses her seasoned skills to foster excellence in our Leader-Manager clients and their teams.

Jenny Braga, MBA

VP, Product

Jenny is an experienced effectiveness advisor who is passionate about customer success. She has worked with Leader-Managers across multiple industries to help them implement more effective management practices. Jenny delights customers in their journey through The Emerson Suite, and engages with them to ensure the tools and interface continue to deliver a seamless user experience.

Achieve More.
Improve Results.

Fill out this form to learn more or contact:
Brian McCarthy, EVP Sales
+1 905 691 9370.

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Achieve More.
Improve Results.

Fill out this form to learn more or contact:
Brian McCarthy, EVP Sales
+1 905 691 9370.

Web App Demo

Fill out this form to learn more or contact us:

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