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Introducing The Emerson Suite. The only mobile leadership coaching toolkit.

What if you could stay connected, and help your clients whenever they needed you and wherever they travelled. Share documents instantly, and manage their progress with no files to haul around.

With 6 comprehensive coaching tools plus a Client Management System, The Emerson Suite has everything business coaches need to make their clients more successful.

Meet Doug Emerson.
Founder of The Emerson Suite.
Meet Doug Emerson.
Founder of The Emerson Suite.

Doug Emerson has been making leader-managers more effective for over 40 years.

The tools you’ll find in The Emerson Suite are based on his real-life experience, using our proven methodology to help clients across 5 continents become more successful.

Doug co-created The Emerson Suite to take this methodology mobile – making effective coaching even more effective, seamless and engaging.

We Help You Build Your Coaching Business.

Add Value with The Emerson Suite.


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